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All the tripods on Amazon are too short

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

"I bought 3 tripods on Amazon and they are all short; I sent back 2 but I kept this one" said the person who was looking to help with part of the YUMMZY DESSERTS social media content. Did I mention she finished a few photography courses that costed around £1000? I asked if I can see the type of tripod she bought... while taking it out from its bag, she goes ahead and explains how inconvinient this tripod was when she went to this event where she had to hold it in her hands or constantly looking for a high table to place it on. As her little vent ended, the tripod made it out of its bag. It was a regular tripod, nothing special or missing from it. Also, the 3 legs were extendable. :D

The look on her face was priceless! She was extremely grateful she had learnt something new that didn't cost her a kidney as the previous photography courses.

This was the moment when I started to create more content for this Keto Yummzy Desserts Cafe. This bakery is based in London and at the moment does online deliveries in London and nationwide. Everything Yummzy Desserts produces is: 1. Vegan

2. Sugar free

3. Gluten free

4. High protein 5. Keto friendly

6. Diabetic friendly 7. Yeast free If you'd like to see more product photographs I took for Yummzy and not only, have a look here. Wonderful day to you, Adrian


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