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Man works 24 hours a day inside a clock

Paddington has had this clock for a while, but I only managed to take a video and post about it now. This clock was created by a Dutch artist named Maarten Baas and it can be found near Paddington Station. As an homage to Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the architect of Paddington Station, Baas filmed an actor dressed in a 19th-century three-piece suit. The actor appears mostly as a dark silhouette against the clock face, but close enough to the glass to see details of his clothing. In the style of Brunel, he puts on top hats every once in a while, but they are either unnoticeable or a nod to modern sensibilities. The man trapped inside the clock paints the clock's hands and cleans them continuously.

You can find the clock at 50 Eastbourne Terrace, next to Paddington Station (and soon next to the Elizabeth Line.) You're welcome! :) Watch the video below to see how the clock has some lines on it in the first part - those are due to the camera shutter speed and are not visible to the naked eye.

Stay blessed, Adrian


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