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Mike Akin - Super Human in Action

While Mike Akin doesn't yet have a Wikipedia page, this post could be mistaken for one. Social media star Mike Akin who has amassed over 440,000 followers across various social media platforms, came to the realisation that you can only go so far working solo. It's time to connect and expand.

In fact Mike Akin is famously known for producing, writing & editing his own sketches for Meta’s video platform ‘Facebook Watch’. Mike akin was contacted by Meta to produce content that will be monetised and viewed to boost their video platform to other creators.

“You can go fast when working by yourself, but you can go further when working as a Team” - Mike Akin

After 2 years of weekly consistent uploads, Mike Akin decided to expand his reach to other platforms. As we became friends, he offered to partner with me (Allegorical Studio) to create content for different platforms.

Mike Akin & I have now completed multiple video shoots around London landmarks (that are yet to be posted), and continue to plan more shoot together, with the possibility of doing international shoots for brands in the future.

We believe that vision & long-term goals are the key to success and put those principles into practice daily. We are constantly communicating about future edits, social media strategies, and possible brands we should work with in the future. Our collaboration is one of the major keys when it comes to achieving success & reaching milestones.

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