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Most London Photographers Don't Want You To Know These Locations

Most London photographers keep certain locations a secret. It is precisely for this reason that I decided to share my favourite secret spots in London with you. Below is an example of one of the photos you can take by visiting these locations I am talking about.

I never understood why other photographers would keep these places as a secret. It is a public space that is open to everyone after all. Well, I get it, they want to be the only ones posting from these locations... not anymore! :=) (evil laugh sound)

"The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places." Roald Dahl

The following list contains some of the places I found by chance or through research.

#1 - London Secret Photography Location - Ebury Bridge

If you're just starting photography, you may be wondering how you can take a photo like this. The answer is simple - long exposure. Wait for some trains to pass by and shoot using long exposure settings. To be precise, the settings for this shot were: ISO - 100 Shutter speed - 30' Aperture - 22 For directions to this address, click here.

#2 - London Secret Location - Blackwall Basin Canary Wharf

A view of the ever-changing cityscape of Canary Wharf. I visited Blackwall Basin a couple years ago and loved it. I took a buddy photographer to Canary Wharf a few days ago and noticed there is a new building covering some of its building staples. I told you I didn't keep these locations a secret. Great things are better shared. For directions to this address, click here.

#3 - London Secret Location - City Airport

Funny not so funny story - I saw a photograph by another London photographer and because it's such a beautiful location, I asked them where it was taken from. The answer was vague clearly trying to keep it as a secret location. 7 questions later and the answer was still not clear. A telephoto lens with minimum 100mm is recommended. This time lapse was taken with a Sony lens (70-350mm). Using my own research, I found the exact location. For directions to this hidden location, click here.

#4 - London Secret Location - Primrose Hill

What a miracle it was when I discovered Primrose Hill. Primrose Hill is a true gem. Could you imagine having all of London at your feet? Well, if you visit this location, you won't need to imagine anymore. It really is breathtaking. Regardless of the time of year or the day, it is beautiful, but the highlights are at sunrise or sunset. Needless to say, at night it simply becomes magical. For directions to this place, click here.

Tip #5 - London Secret Location - Leake Street

If it is raining but you still want to shoot somewhere nice, Leake Street is your best bet. At Leake Street, a road tunnel in Lambeth, London, graffiti is tolerated, even though it is actually illegal. This street runs under the Waterloo station and it is about 300 metres long.

The two pictures above belong to Siddhant Kumar & Walid Hamadeh.

Let Me Know If I Missed Any Secret Locations in London

Hope you found these locations useful and inspiring. If you are just starting your photography or videography journey and would like to learn more, feel free to book your 1:1 workshop. Get in touch here.


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