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The Importance of Photography/Videography Contract

It may seem highly unlikely that a problem will arise since you know the person you are shooting for. Think again! It would be wise to put some effort into creating a contract that sets expectations and avoids any future problems. When working with a client, it's much better to be on the same page from the start than to assume anything. Don't assume they will think the same way you do. You may think that for a project 1 hour of footage will be more than enough but they may want 6 hours instead. By the way, I did not just make up these numbers; I had a project where my client asked me for 6 hours of footage, luckily all these details were discussed beforehand and written down in a contract.

Here are some reasons why you should always give your clients a photography/videography contract:

1. It shows professionalism.

2. It builds trust.

3. It protects both your client and yourself.

4. It sets expectations and avoids future unnecessary issues or misunderstandings. E.g. Having a cancellation policy in place is essential. You may allow your clients to cancel or reschedule under certain conditions.

Here is PDF Photography Contract that you can see and download for free. To obtain the editable word document version of this Photography/Videography contract, please consider making a PayPal donation and drop me a message with your email address to share this with you. Having a contract in place can ensure a smooth and stress-free work environment for both you and your client. Stay blessed, Adrian


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