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Best Place To Build Your Desired Business Card

Today I decided to make my own photography business card. The purpose of this post is to help you find the best possible way to create your own business card. The easiest and the most user friendly app & website to do that is Canva. So, to cut the story short...

Go to 1. Click on Create a Design; 2. Choose business card from the drop down menu; 3. Search your business type and see if there are any templates that you like; 4. Edit it the way you want it to be; 5. Print your business card.

On Canva free version, you have access to quite few free templates, pictures, fonts, backgrounds and other elements you may want to consider for your project. If your project is more complex, you can buy photographs or elements directly from their platform; They also have subscriptions in case you have frequent complex projects. P.S. - As there was 50% discount on a trusted website that I used before, I exported my project from Canva and uploaded it into Vista Print. It's always good to checkout the prices on a few websites to make sure you get the best price.

Good day to you, Adrian


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