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6 Years, 7 months & 8 days

That is the exact time I lived in the UK before getting my Naturalisation Certificate: 6 years, 7 months & 8 days. I am one of those photographers who doesn't like having their pictures taken. I just googled and found out one of the reasons people don't like pictures of themselves is because they think they look much better in reality! Do I? Maybe... I am sexy and I know that the pictures don't reflect my actual 7D self :)). If you want to read more about why people hate to have their pictures taken, click here.

With all this in mind, there are times in life when we need or want to mark those moments with timeless photographs. There are moments when the quality of the picture is not extremely important; one of those moments for me happened today. After 4 months of Rony Rona delays; today, I finally received my Certificate of naturalisation - finallly British! Although they said no photographs will be taken at the ceremony, at the end of it, they asked if we wish to have our pictures taken on our mobile phones. 16 out of 18 people waited for a picture with the Her Majesty's photo. I waited too. I wanted that "cheesy" & proud moment to be marked! Unfortunately we could not sing the national anthem as it's not allowed to sing indoors during Covid-19 pandemic. We stood up and listened to it instead. God Save The Queen! If you'd like to ask me anything about the whole naturalisation process, feel free to drop me a comment below. See you next time, Adrian


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