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I had a quarantine wedding!

Just to answer your questions - yes, it is possible to have a wedding and still follow all the government rules & advice on social distancing.

I feel the need to give further clarifications on this matter: it was my wedding as a photographer, not as a groom :). I had my actual wedding a few years back - when the world could not even imagine that a questionable deadly virus will appear and create so much disruption in everyone's lives. I am grateful that none of these crazy things happened when I got married to my beautiful wife. Because of the social distancing rules and quarantine, so many people had to cancel, postpone and re postpone their special day this year; the entire world is under so much uncertainty. However, as you can figure out from the title, this blog post has a happy ending. Where there is will, there is always a way. The beautiful couple I had the honour to capture on film their wedding day, made it in style!!! They also had a cancellation from a restaurant in Wapping (near Tower Bridge). Fortunately, they were soon able to find an even classier restaurant in Canary Wharf (London). Below you will find some shots I took before and during the wedding religious ceremony. Enjoy! :) Before you go, I would love to hear from you - What was the biggest challenge you had to overcome in 2020?



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