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Photography & Videography Allegorical Meetup

After attending other creators' meetups organized in London and not feeling like I belonged, I came up with this more personable photographers' & videographers' Allegorical meetup. I organized our first few meetups back in 2018-2019 with 3-4 friends & had a great time. After sharing my experience with you guys, my Instagram account was flooded with requests to attend these meetups. I created a WhatsApp group so we could communicate more easily.

To ensure everyone has a chance to be heard, there will be a limited number of participants at this photographers' meetup. Though I haven't yet determined how many people are too many, I'd say 10-15 is our maximum number for now.

What is the purpose of these photography & videography meetups?

Networking with like-minded creators like yourself. We all have that burning question or something to clarify regarding a new piece of gear (maybe a new lens, a wireless microphone, lights, how to deal with clients, etc.)

Uncovering a new style, an angle you may have never considered & learn new skills. Getting those aha moments - seeing the same thing with a new pair of eyes. After I got asked the same questions a few times, I used one of these meetups to share how to take a timelapse or a hyperlapse.

Building up your portfolio. Exploring new areas of London or shooting with experienced buddy creators and an experienced model can and will enhance your portfolio.

Fun, you'll have fun. Open-mindedness is key to having fun. Open-mindedness to meet new people first of all. I understand it's not always easy to get out of our so-sweet comfort zone (speaking from experience =) ). Just to give you an idea, at our last meet up we were 9 photographers & videographers from 4 continents (7 countries). We missed Australia & South America on this one. If you are from one of these 2 continents, get in touch so we can fix that :).

What do we do in these photography & videography meetups?

Here is a short reel I put together using content from a few of the creators present at the most recent meetup. We usually invite a model or an artist to these Allegorical Photography & Videography meetups. Generally, a confident person in front of the lens tends to make for a more professional-looking photograph.

No model? No problem! We'll take pictures of ourselves. From time to time it's good to remember how it feels to be in front of the camera(s). Whether you're an introvert (like me) or an extrovert, there is a pose for everyone.

If you are not from London or can't travel to one of these meetups, try to find one in your city/ town. If you can't find one, create it. :)

Stay blessed, Adrian

Credit for photographs: Chris Critchley


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