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Things to Never Ask a Photographer / Videographer

I started Photography back in 2017 and transitioned to Videography a couple of years later. Although at times I got annoyed by some of the weird requests, I realized everyone is different and they will continue to surprise me. I'd like to share with you some of the weirdest / funniest or just annoying requests I've received over the years. Other photographers with whom I network will also be included.

  1. After doing a free Amazon product shoot as a favour for a friend of a friend, I was asked to post it back to France with money from my pocket. The product value was somewhere under £10. To post it back safely would have cost almost the same. I asked for the label cost and the person went quiet. 🤣

  2. After sending the video material on a cloud service (for which I pay a monthly subscription), I was asked if I can keep the files forever on the cloud for them. I explained the cloud space is limited and I cannot keep all the files there. Please never ask your videographer to keep your files on a cloud forever, we deal with hundreds & terabytes of data. Most likely they will be stored on a physical drive.

  3. After sending the edited photographs, profile pictures were changed on different social media platforms, and their social media filled with the pictures I took, I was asked if I can send the RAW files too. At that time, I was just starting and I agreed to put them on the drive for them. After 1 year, they still didn’t download them. I removed them. In 2 days they asked where are the RAW files as they can’t see them there. Please don’t do that!🙏

  4. I don’t know why I have a feeling all photographers had someone asking them to make them look like Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt. If you don’t look like Angelina Jolie, please don’t ask us to make you look like her. 🙏😁

Other funny/weird/unexpected stories from my network

  1. A buddy photographer told me he had a free incognito photo shoot with a stranger in London. The photographer went back home to edit the photos and sent them to this guy. The guy said he wanted the pictures to be re-edited with different tones. 🤣🤣🤣 Now that’s cheeky! Unless you’re offering to pay for the service, never ever complain. If you don’t like it, move on! 😁 Jetmir F.

  2. “…this one rapper we filmed a music video for started doing push-ups before the models arrived so that he could get a pump and try and pull the models 😂💀.” Halfway through the shoot, the models left. 😐 Anonymous

  3. “…had a lady ask me to do a nude pregnancy shoot in a public park, noped out of there asap 😂” Anonymous

  4. “I got groped by an attendee to a concert, which was pretty weird when I was filming from the DJ side of a barrier.” Aaron B.

  5. “Oi, photographer!! Take a picture of my golden necklace!!” R.D.V.

  6. “My first ever shoot was with a hot Turkish girl at a hotel near Hyde Park, lingerie shoot. Saw everything. Was epic. 😂🙌” Peter T.

  7. “Last Saturday a bridesmaid was on all in getting dangerously close, luckily the photographer came right on time 🤣” David R.

  8. “I got a request to film a couple having sex and a few girls stuff for their onlyfans”. D. R.

  9. “I had a guy asked if i wanted to feel his chest and abs😂😂😂😂” . Imaad

10 other annoying questions for a photographer

  1. Your camera takes really nice pictures!

  2. Can you give me the SD card with the RAW files?

  3. My iPhone takes better pictures

  4. Can you come & we pay you in exposure?

  5. Can you remove that in the post?

  6. Photographers don’t do much, they just press a button.

  7. Can you just bring your camera and take a few shots?

  8. Can you photograph my cat playing with a fluffy ball while wearing sunglasses?

  9. We’ll post it on Instagram, you’ll get some paid jobs from this!

  10. Do you have a lens that makes me look 10-15 years younger?

What are other weird requests you got as a photographer or videographer?

Stay blessed & carry on shooting,



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